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Intelligent Information

Pumpsight analytics give you the information you need to keep your pumps running smoothly and efficiently.

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Real-time Pump Data

Real-time Data

Get timely information about output, efficiency, and errors. Easily configure alerts to catch problems before they become disasters.

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Complete Solution

Answer a few easy questions and Pumpsight provides all the pieces you need to start monitoring your system.

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Why Pumpsight?

Pump efficiency is more than a single number. Water tables drop, irrigation loads change, and equipment degrades. Your pump efficiency is a function of all of these things. Pumpsight gives you the information to keep your pumps running at peak efficiency.



  • Get pump efficiency and pumping cost for every configuration
  • Measure how much water you are actually applying, and when it is applied
  • Keep your system running efficiently even as line pressure and water tables change

Failure Prevention

  • Identify degrading equipment before it fails
  • Monitor well water levels so you can plan rehab and maintenance
  • Get alerts so you can respond to blowouts, power outages, and other equipment failures

Data Logging

  • Compare your system day-to-day, month-to-month, season-to-season
  • Measure the impact of conservation efforts and equipment upgrades
  • Capture records to prove historical water consumption


Water Droplet


Pumpsight systems integrate data from a wide variety of sensors.


Pumpsight systems integrate with most standard flow meters to provide real-time information from a variety of pumping environments. Accurate flow information helps diagnose pump health and can be used to satisfy statutory record keeping requirements.


Pumpsight can use pressure transducers or sonic sounders to measure the depth of the water in your well. Maintaining a historical record of static and dynamic water levels allows you to assess the health of your well and aquifer. Pumpsight can be configured to provide alerts to prevent pumping your well below critical depths.


Pumpsight integrates multiple sensors to measure pressure in your pumping plant. Additional sensors can be added to measure pressure after booster pumps or filters.


Pumpsight measures the exact power going to your pump via a dedicated power sensor or your VFD, no smart meter required.


Pumpsight can monitor motors for excessive vibration, giving you an early-warning that motors or bearings are failing.


Pumpsight will calculate a variety of data about your pumping plant, depending on the sensors available. This includes pump efficiency, well specific capacity, and pumping cost*.

Pumpsight also hosts a wide variety of generic sensor interfaces to meet your specific needs. Sensors are available for weather stations, pH, EC, humidity, and a wide variety of other attributes. Please contact us for details.

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Irrigation Monitoring

Crop Irrigation Tracking

Applied Water

Using a combination of flow meter data and pressure transducers, Pumpsight can monitor water applied to individual irrigation blocks.


Compare applied water to Evapotranspiration (ET) to see if you are keeping up with predicted water demand.

Soil Moisture

Monitor soil moisture probes to ensure water isn't getting past the root zone.

Weather Stations

Pumpsight is compatible with a wide variety of weather stations, including Davis, Campbell, and Luuft as well as the CIMIS data service.

Groundwater Basins

Basin Map

Inexpensive Monitoring Networks

Use Pumpsight rSight nodes to create inexpensive monitoring networks for groundwater depth, groundwater extraction, and stream flows.

Open API for Data Integration

Pumpsight's API allows for integration of real-time data with outside data servers, including hydrogeologic and irrigation tools. This allows multiple users to utilize data from the same source, reducing cost and increasing stakeholder buy-in.

Cellular Connectivity


Get your data out of the field and into your hands.

Pumpsight offers 4G LTE modems for all major carriers. If cellular coverage is not available, Pumpsight can set up radio networks to get data out of the field.

Your data is available immediately, so you can make decisions immediately. View your data on PC, phone, or tablet.


Put your data to work

Pumpsight analytics give you the information you need to keep your pumps running efficiently. Compare your pumps for energy efficiency, total cost, total flow, cost per acre-ft, and many other factors.

Your data is always yours to keep. Download it at any time for offline analysis or archiving.



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